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What could possibly go wrong?

1. You might kill your parrot using only your home.

  • many common household products are dangerous for birds

  • flighted birds can be killed by fans, drowned in toilets, burned in the kitchen, or escape

  • self cleaning ovens, teflon pans, and secondhand smoke can be deadly

  • parrots that chew on electrical cords usually become dead birdies

  • many house plants are poisonous to birds

  • older houses may have lead paint on the wood trim parrots love to chew

  • human medications - unattended or dropped on the floor - are very dangerous to birds

  • a sunny window can cause a bird to die of heat exposure

2.  You might kill your parrot by not knowing any better

  • parrots die because nobody noticed the water bottle was plugged or the dish was empty

  • parrots die because someone forgot to feed them

  • parrots die from dangerous toys and cage parts

  • parrots die from being fed the wrong foods

3. Parrots get hurt easily

  • previously friendly dogs and cats often kill birds when instinct kicks in​

  • parrots on the floor are often stepped on my accident

  • parrots allowed to sleep in bed with people sometimes suffocate

4. Bad parrot-human partnerships usually end poorly for the parrot

  • unhappy parrots can create intolerable levels of noise and destruction

  • punishment never works

  • problems can be hard to solve

Don't believe me, just watch

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Even good parrot stewards can get sick or hurt

Don't buy a macaw unless you watch this!

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